Blue Rider

No Parking Permitted

Report rec'd of persons loitering in "No Parking" area

Investigation Report

suspect: E L Hawkins
date: Sept 72
location: Schenley Pk, Pitts, Pa
vehicle: Velocette Venom Thruxton
speed: compliant w/ signs
conditions: fine
travel dir: ever onward
observer: F R Millmore

Photos of incident scene


Look at that ! 

You got to move!

Git it, boy! 


Boy sure is blue. 

Be alright, he ridin' the spirit. 

You got to MOVE!!


Here he come again. 

Gettin hot now. 

Be ridin' the blues. 

Hope he don't...



         What happened?

                                                                                         Don't Know.

EskimoA.JPG  -- Eskimo Nebula, NASA-Hubble Photo
 Weird, man.                      Think this is what they mean by far out?

                  Where'd he go?                          Have to look around and see.

 Think he
.....Passed Through! 

                         Hey! Get outta that guitar!

                    Don't think he can.                                                                      Yeah, he in the jailhouse now.

                         How we gonna get him out?                                    Please release me.

                                                 Don't think we can.                                          Man, oh, man!

                            Man, he sure got the blues now.                    Let me go!

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Fletcher R. Millmore
15 Mar 2000