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Britserv Automotive was a venture of mine in Pittsburgh Pa in the early 1970's. We were one of the larger independent shops catering to British cars in the area. I have resurrected the name for Gofanu activities concerning vehicles.

Skeletal surgery - This condition appeared to be a result of impact to LF wheel only. There was no evidence of crash damage to sheetmetal, etc.  When you ride your horse: Watch out for gopher holes!
<< Bent LH rail, 
(in front of level), crossmember

Let's get something straight around here! 

     Lee Burkhart,
          Assisting    >>

tr4frm3.jpg << F. R Millmore, Chief Surgeon

      They all have to
       be parallel!   >>

tr4frm5.jpg << The jig is up

Ship it!

One of my first jobs (1964) involved the reassembly of a brand new TR4 that had been crashed. I couldn't believe the rack mountings. You could move the steering wheel to-and-fro, and half the steering movement was the rack moving relative to the frame. I guess Triumph didn't like it either, as it was reworked a lot in the TR4A. I always examined this area carefully on any TR4 I met. Below you can see why; I suggest that if you have one of these, you do the same, often and thoroughly.
tr4strg1.jpg << Front view 

Cracks at base of rack mount arms are chalkmarked. Note that they go all around except inside edge.

 From wheelwell >>

tr4strg3.jpg <<Front view 

All welds redone; gussets added for reinforcement

        Back view >>

!! SAFETY !!

Welding Art - one of the finest examples of "bird dropping welds" I've ever seen.
weld1.jpg weld2.jpg
Norton center stand, as found. Now I've gone and ruint it!

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Fletcher R. Millmore
15 Mar 2000