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This is no grand vision of "changing the world", rather it is a matter of getting things going  in the right direction, and ensuring that such actions as I may perform are for the better.
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Greater Good

The Hunger Site, operated by Greater Good, donates food to the world's poorest, by diverting some of the incredible expenditures of mass consumption and advertising to the UN World Food Program. Currently these donations are on the order of a million cups a day. Greater Good has arrangements by which a percentage of  your purchases from their many retailers are donated to the charity of your choice. Neither of these costs you anything more than a few clicks and a few seconds. Both can be set up as starting pages, good instructions are provided. If you have enough time and money to shop via computer, 
please participate.
World 2 Market

Frequent sponser of Hunger Site. Provides direct connection and fair payment to artisans worldwide. Some very nice stuff at reasonable cost.

Fight Hunger in America
Feinstein Foundation
In Timequake, Kurt Vonnegut relates that his uncle admonished him to step outside several times a day, 
look around, and say: 
"Isn't this wonderful!"
Space Bubble
As a child, I was introduced to the wonders of the night sky by a neighbor; he would set up his telescope, and invite all the children to see. As a teenager, I drove a few miles into the country, and saw. As an adult, I moved to the country, and couldn't see a damn thing. I was bedeviled by a "security light", courtesy of the fear mongers and power peddlers. No amount of discussion would get this removed, until I threatened to take up my axe and chop down their pole. Things are better now that it has gone, but still not as they should be. I have fifteen or so obnoxious distractors in direct view; if there is any moisture in the air, nearby towns illuminate the sky; the glow from Erie poisons the clouds, at fifty miles. There is a better way, and these folks can help. Give us back the night; and, to our children, the stars.
"Without darkness, there is no light."
Expanding bubble in space, NASA/Hubble photo
Many investigators have examined physical evidence and human experience in an effort to explain this world. All too often, their work has been prejudged and dismissed by established interests -- cultural, religious, and academic. This causes the loss or delay of true and useful results, impeding us all. Honest seekers may be mistaken with no dishonor; biased judges are always evil, even and especially if they are correct by accident.
In the spirit of unbiased investigation, I present this in honor and appreciation of Galileo, Wegener, Heyerdahl, Pauling, Fell, and all the others who have had to say something like:
"Nevertheless, they do move."
Epigraphic Society Seal
Carina Nebula
Perhaps the most common warning given is "Look Out!" The urgent utility of this is clear; the general advice transmitted is too often ignored. As warning, it helps survival; as advice it helps growth and life. Look Out: from your self, your culture, your world. In this way we gain understanding, and vanquish fear.
In the physical, NASA gives us the astonishing view; in the metaphysical, many investigators are giving us vision, equally astonishing. The established interests previously mentioned contrive to transform the metaphysical to the weird; this seems to be a matter of increasing their power, at our expense. There are whole cultures and religions in which the metaphysical is as accessible and useful as a library.                  Look Out!!
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gal_earth_moon.jpg - Institute of Noetic Sciences

This painting struck a chord with me when I first encountered it many years ago. It seemed a fine representation of our position from a more complex viewpoint. Better yet, this image was taken from a jigsaw puzzle box.

 Fatma, detail, Pavel Tchelitchew Nelson-Atkins Gallery KC, MO

Fatma, Pavel Tchelitchew, Nelson-Atkins Gallery, KC, MO A Much Larger Universe

Brian L. Weiss, M.D.

Journey of Souls
Michael Newton

Yonassan Gershom

Exploring Our Forgotten Lives
Bryan Jameison

 Gary Zukav

The American Situation
Dam It!
World Information
Sonoran Desolation San Pedro River ?????
Are you sure you want to send ***River to trashcan ?
International Rivers Network
A Personal 
Dams and Development
   Drain & Divert  
pyramid_guimar_a.JPG -Heyerdahl
Pyramids above were said to be random piles of stone or abandoned agricultural terraces by establishment academics, and were to be destroyed for urban development.
Thank you, Dr. Thor Heyerdahl
and benefactors.
Bulldoze It! NEWARK
Develop It!
National Environmental Coalition of Native Americans NECONA is a coalition of American Indian groups trying to prevent the disposal of nuclear wastes on tribal lands. While they correctly view this as "environmental racism", I suggest that from a viewpoint one level up, it is simply one more case of  exploitation of the economically disenfranchised. Society creates these groups; and then, frequently under the banner of "helping them", finds new ways to further extort what little they have. Lest you think that this is "their" problem, unless you are in the upper twenty or so percent economically, they are or will be thee. This has happened countless times: to whole countries in the third world,  to the poorer states in this country, to indigenous people worldwide, to farmers, truckers, and all who work without the benefit of great wealth. We must uncouple power and respect from economic advantage.

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15 Mar 2000